Travel Journal: 1/6/12 Nonchaloir

6 Jan

An emphatic exclamation to all readers!
Unfortunately, the road trip off to Canada is utterly tedious. My eyes rim with fatigue from waking up before the sunrise,and the long hours in the automobile slowly slip away.
For entertainment, I have put together a variety of questions. I find it that this way, readers are able to get to know me more! In addition, you can answer the following questions proceeding below as well! (Reminder: All questions are hand-selected by myself at )

First and foremost…
1. Do you have any special talents?
(The question is not intentionally made for me to act as if I was a braggart.)
Yes. I believe that I hold a special talent in painting & sketching.
Also, I have an unusual talent of memorizing medical terms (since the 8th grade), preferably anatomical terms of the human body. I find it’s quite enigmatic, however, I seem to enjoy doing so!
Second, I enjoy writing–in which I say ” Writing is another form of art where you can paint your picture with words.” But please, don’t consider my writing a talent.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I would wish to be a doctor, preferably a general physician or a gastroenterologist. The career chosen at this time is based on my “unusual talent”, or should I say my “unusual fancy”, on memorizing medical terms.

3. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
Weekdays: Perhaps “Did I finish my homework? Am I prepared for today’s tests and/or quizzes?”
Weekends: Most definitely ” What’s for breakfast?”

4. What part of your morning routine do you consider essential?
Breakfast, of course! It is considered the most important meal of the day.

5. Do you have any siblings?
Yes! I have a younger brother Morgan. He is one year younger than I am. Even though at times he can be a displeasure, such as frequently vexing me as I study, he is very supportive!

Enjoy the rest of the day, folks!



Travel Journal: 1/5/12 The Beautiful Portland Japanese Garden

5 Jan

[As mentioned in the proceeding entrée, I am taking a vacation with my family to Oregon/Washington/Canada. As we landed in Seattle, my father rented a suitable car and we drove to Portland, Oregon. This is where I currently am. This is also where the setting on this entrée takes place.]

Time: 2:30 p.m.
Place: Authentic Japanese Garden of Oregon

The towering moss trees embraced a silhouette of a friendly figure, waving hello with more than a dozen arms. I inhaled a deep breath of fresh wintry northwestern air. Different shades of green covered the garden as my family entered the Authentic Japanese Garden.
The atmosphere was just about wondrous. Green laid its natural colors everywhere and we observed many of natures’ beauty–from Douglas fir’s, conifers, and hardwoods surpassing the wintry sky, to delicate Bonsai trees and shrubs intimidated by the taller figure.
It was time to start adventuring.
My family leisurely strolled down the primly paved pathways in the garden, taking photos from time to time. (We probably took more than one hundred photos.)
The garden was at most beautiful! I will be posting several pictures, since knowing that pictures represent a thousand words.


(P.S. If you are interested in visiting the Japanese Gardens of Portland, Oregon, please visit the website below. I have attached the link for you. It is an exemplary website, almost like a brochure!)

Travel Journal: 1/5/12 Good morning Seattle!

5 Jan

List of Reminders:
Bring Cell Phone
– Bring Cell Phone Charger
– Bring MSI Laptop
– Bring MSI Laptop Charger
– Don’t forget your watch, Chloe!
– Did you wake up at 3:45 a.m.? ( I just figured that I woke up 10 minutes late. No Problem??)

Time: 3:55 am
Place: Home (California)

The morning of the 5th of January rang its blasting alarm at 3:55 a.m. The sun had not risen, for it was still sleeping, hidden within the foggy majestic hills. My dreary eyes voluntarily awoke from a deep reverie. In an instant, I heard the sound of footstep cresendoing into the hallway. I came to realize that it was my beloved mother who came to turn on the light switch in my room, perhaps to wake me up.
“Seattle! We’re finally heading off today!” rejoiced her voice, cheerfully.
The intensity of the light beamed its radiant hues, seeming as if the colors bounced about the walls in my room. My eyes could not resist being fully open. As round and alert my eyes were, it was now as if they and turned into two small threads. I squinted deeply at the light and slowly parted from my comfortable bed. I quietly thought to myself, “ A family vacation to Oregon/Washington/Canada ought to be a bliss!”

Time: 6:15 a.m.
Place: Long Beach Airport

I scanned the entire A3 section in the Long Beach airport with my keen eagle-like eyes, trying to find seats of four for my family, my father, my mother, and my younger brother Morgan. We have just finished [security check] and now, we were all anticipated to board on a two hour and fifteen minute flight. In my hand, I tightly held on to my boarding pass and passport. I glanced at my boarding pass as it read “SEATTLE/WA: 7:10 a.m.”
I hesitated for moments , and came to a quick conclusion that we had one hour’s worth of waiting. (This is when my Spanish comes in play…)!No es una problema!
I soon found myself reading my favorite medicine novel, The Anatomy of Hope. by Jerome Groopman. My eyes were glued to every line of the proceeding text, as I comprehended word by word. I was drawn to the novel, giving myself the respected shoes of a doctor rescuing a patient with quite a malady.

Time: 7:00 a.m.
Place: Long Beach Airport

The announcement speakers in the airport broadcasted that our flight was ready for board. As the announcement proceeded—reminding passengers of all the safety needed—groups of boisterous passengers congregated around the “airplane boarding entrance” , all were eager to aboard to Jet Blue plane to Seattle.
My family hurried to do so, and we were just as jovial as the rest of the passengers.

Adios from Seattle,

New Travel Journal Entrees!

4 Jan

Dear Honorable readers,

For the next four days, I will describing to you my visit to [Seattle,Washington] [Portland,Oregon] [Everett,Washington] and [Vancouver, Canada]. I will blog as often as I could.

At the moment, I can packing for this uprising adventure! Let us observe what is on my “Must Bring” list!

Chloe’s Travel Must Bring List
1. MSI Laptop. This is a definite need for blogging!!

My MSI Laptop

2. My Camera: Canon EOS 503. This is a definite need as well, to capture endless memories!

Camera Lens Cover

My Camera: Canon EOS 503

Hello & Peace

Canon Brand

3. My Road Map (just for reference!)

My Road Map

Road Map of Washington

4. My Cellular Phone. (Everyone has iPhone’s in the 21st century, I have noticed. I personally do not own one, for I do not need a smartphone yet, at this age!)

My Cellular Phone

5. My InCase Travel Carry On, Suitable for my MSI Laptop (property of my father,thank you)
Again, apologies for my taking the entire carry on. I could not think of any creative, professional way to take the snapshot of it. (Oh Please, do not consider me as a professional blogger. I am only 14 years of age!)



6. My Lukewarm Clothes for the Blistering Weather , as well as Comfortable Tennis Shoes

My Scarf & Sweater

These are actually my brother's Nike tennis shoes.

My Reebok Tennis Shoes

Ready or not, Seattle here I come! I am very excited to go!

[My flight with my family is tomorrow morning, 7:10 a.m. at the Long Beach Airport.]

Enjoy your January, readers! Stay tuned for more, as I head on to Portland,Oregon after my flight arrives in Seattle, Washington.


Happy New Year All

1 Jan

With hours past the fallen dusk, the blistering wind whispers a secret in your ear as you stroll down Main Avenue. You secure the petite buttons on your new faux suede coat that was a gift from your Aunt. Children linger moments of laughter, but the Christmas spirit is no longer here.

Eager to know the time of day, your keen eyes gaze on the circular matter fastened on your bony wrist. The watch slowly ticks it’s minute hand to 11:00 p.m. And what day is it? Oh, just December 31,2011–or otherwise, New Years’ Eve.

A puff of wintry midnight breath hovers over your face, as it slowly seems to shape into a heart.
Imagine what could happen in 24 hours.
But what you are waiting for is even twice as exciting as Christmas.
Sitting next to the window inside Starbucks, you gently lay your head against the frosted window and wait for a New Years’ Miracle…

Happy New Year Everyone! May we push all the unfortunate events that have occurred to us in 2011, and bring best of luck to our new 2012.

Best Wishes,
Chloe Ling

The Craze for Bath&Body Works

29 Dec

The title is quite confusing. I was trying to get a little fancy with its name “Bath and Body Works”. Found in 1990, Albany,Ohio, Bath&Body Works grew to be an All-American brand specializing in fragrances and lotions. Perhaps most Americans today have heard of this spectacular brand, I can not possibly imagine a better “fragrance-d” world without them! (–well actually I can, but that’s a different story.)
I believe my first time stepping foot in Bath&Body Works was when I was in 7th grade. Bearing in mind that I was here to buy an “Tangerine Mist” fragrance for my friend Anna, I was often distracted by all the other fragrances around! From Sweet Pea, to Japanese Cherry Blossoms, to Strawberry, I felt like an ostentatious juvenile wanting nothing but more–which…is not the direction I want to be heading today…
At the end of that fabulous day, full of happiness and content from American fragrances, I yearn to revisit.

Speaking of “Bath” & Body Works, I would like to share a favorite quote of mine.
“If you go long enough without a bath, even the fleas will leave you alone.” -Ernie Pyle
How ridiculous that quote speaks of! However, it is unquestionably true, isn’t it?
Take a minute to comprehend, if you must.

Alright, I now present to you my photographic pictures. Please do not try to copy them and claim them to be yours. I thank you so much.

The pictures below are actually the presents I gave my mother for Christmas. Yes, indeed, all from Bath&Body Works.
Sweet Pea is actually my favorite!

Thank you for visiting!


Dressed in Pink.

Three Pink Peas in a Pod

Celebrating Natural With Mr.Burt’s Bees

29 Dec

Hmm… Hand Salve…Beeswax Hand Cream…Honey&Grapeseed Oil…Coconut Foot Cream…
Ahhh… Heaven’s to Betsy , it’s back. Such an excellent skin-soothing product to have around.
Actually, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm is quite expensive. Does $3.00 for one chap-stick sized lip balm seem expensive to you?
Don’t ask me, I know it is.
Despite the fact of the price, you get the bang for your buck when you know the results.
Hmm… I think my favorite so far is the “Medicated Lip Balm with Eucalyptus Oil”. Sounds quite intimidating, but it most definitely helps defy my dry lips!
…shhh! The products below are not actually mine. Frankly, it’s my mothers. But who said I couldn’t take a picture of it?

Chloe Ling

Christmas, Your Happy Medium

25 Dec

The last tear fell upon my check as the resolution of the movie Search for Santa Paws slowly unfolds. Such a doleful Christmas tape to lay eyes upon the 25th of December. The tape finished, as I pressed the off button on the remote control. In quite a sigh, I walked to the kitchen. The house? Silence.

Bearing in mind that my parents and my brother were still in yuletide rest, I do not hope watching the Christmas tape on a 9 o’clock morning would awaken them.

A while later when my family have awoken, we quickly feast on light cinnamon Quaker Oats and head off to my Aunt Vivian’s house. We arrived in a merry disposition–as seeing the Christmas decors primly arranged around the house. My cousins Claudia and Casey were in high spirits when seeing.

A gift exchange occurred as we entered the house, and all the presents were placed under the beautifully ornate Christmas tree. Of all the activities taking place in the, perhaps, boisterous house, I chose to spend a few moments watching over the smallest of all–cousin Cayla. As seeing her petite cherubic smile, I am excited to welcome her to our family and teach her life’s lessons as there are to come.

The spotlight of Christmas Day laid its limelight on Christmas dinner. Dishes of my grandfather’s best were quickly devoured by the family heir’s–Morgan and Gordon. My grandpa’s delicious snow peas that he had grown from his garden tasted excellent–quite toothsome to the mouth. I, finishing early, went outside with my cousins, Claudia and Casey, to watch the sun slowly sink its vibrant colors away to the west. The velvet orange hues transitioned to a midnight lavender, and now into a Christmas night full of stars.

The fireplace opened, as my uncle showed my father how he got the fire to start–which was merely just gases causing the chemical reaction. Casey and the rest of the family opened gifts. The tearing of wrapping paper scattered around the floor. With my silent eyes, I watched as Casey opened my gift, then others.

At the same moment, my uncle sliced fruit pie for all to eat. I ate the fruits on my pie, and soon decided to sit to watch my family take pictures of one another next to the fireplace.

The fire burned, releasing warmth and cherished moments in the wintry atmosphere. Such a Christmas Day had given us the true meaning of a Happy Medium.


Salutations, my World.

19 Dec

Hello my world,

A Blog is defined as ” A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.”

I have discovered a wonderful key to the arts and writings, I would love to share mine with the rest of the world through this blog.

Please savor, and welcome to my original blog.


Chloe Ling